Friday, May 30, 2008

We're Not Homeless, Really!!!

Hi to all my beloved friends! We are in Oklahoma now..I couldn’t resist some fun photos of my pets – they are such great travelers! As you can see, they spend most of their time napping.

A bleary-eyed Sophie!

Sophie decided if the cats can sleep up there, she could too!

Jasmine is usually pretty active in the car (she’s the kitten), but here she’s having a rare nap.

Frederica, enjoying the southern sunshine!

Abby loves her perch! Note her stylish pink polka-dot harness!

After a full day of travel, Frederica and Jasmine crashed on the bed in our hotel room!

Rachel found her fabulous new boots, rhinestone belt and t-shirt in Amarillo, TX. The shirt says, “I like my men tall, dark and southern”! I think she’s ready for Nashville now!

Ta Ta for now...more from the road tomorrow! Hugs, Victoria Lynn


Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria,
I was so happy to read your post tonight. You are really in my thoughts and prayers as you and Rachel travel. Tell Rachel I love her purchases!! Please be safe and if I could I would come and help you. Dang this job thing.


Nermal and Kitty said...

Glad you're making good progress. I am getting more excited by the day. Kitty & I will bring you all a good ole southern welcome of chicken salad and iced tea! Do be careful, my dear. Luv, Nerm

Lavender Lady Annie said...

Good Morning Girls~
Rachel~ I love your Texas finds...what size are those boots? Hhmmmm! They look like they might fit me!!! Hey Vicki, where are yours? You both need a pair to strut around Nashville. Its great to see those contented pussy cats and their canine friend...everybody looks like they are enjoying the adventure. You need to post some pictures of the drivers. John and I are keeping you in our prayers!
Blessings~ Annie

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

What a wonderful adventure you are having! Can't wait to read each post and hope you have a safe journey!


Rachel said...

I can't wait until we have a permanent home base again! The girls think that too--especially Abbie, since she thought she should move into Starbucks today!!

And I absolutely LOVE my new boots, and am dying to wear them. A little hard when we're in the car all day. ONE MORE DAY!!! Woohoo!!

The girl typing on the next bed over,
Rachel ;~)

P.S. Anne, the boots are a size 9. ;~)

Donna Lynn said...

You girls are having way too much fun! I think Rachel should let me stretch those boots out for her when I come down, WINK WINK!!! I second Ann's suggestion, Where are your boots V? You will need a pair to wear to Nashville, when we three strut down the streets!

We had a lovely BBQ, I will call you in the AM when you are heading to Franklin, Don is asleep on the couch, Josh is over at Justin's still and I am heading to bed!

Donna Lynn, Sister, BFF and Rachels other Mother!!!!

Victoria Lynn said...

I have my beautiful Justin cowboy boots to strut around Nashville in! Although I'm not against buying a second pair of boots...LOL!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Those pictures of all your "babies" are just priceless!

M ^..^