Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome, Autumn!

It is finally feeling like Fall here in Middle Tennessee. Last week we had temps in the nineties, but thankfully it has cooled to the high seventies. I have been able to get outdoors and do some Fall cleanup in my garden beds.

I have also been inspired to welcome Autumn into my home. Won't you please come in?

Happy Fall Y’all!
Victoria Lynn
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Monday!

Good Morning! It is another beautiful day here in Middle Tennessee. I am working on Fall cleanup in my yard. Mowing, weeding, deadheading, etc. Last week when I was trimming my lavender plants, Sophie disturbed a nest of the most darling baby bunnies. There were two of them – so cute! Hopefully they were fine, because when I looked at the area the next day, they were gone! Sophie seems confused as to where they went. Poor doggie, she thought they were her new playmates. Jasmine is such a poser…always hoping for a photo op. Here she is laying in the sunshine in front of my new Fall sign.

Have a blessed week! What are you working on this week?


Victoria Lynn

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Nesting

It’s finally here…September, my favorite month of the year!

I love the coolness of the night. The heavier dew. The stars seem bigger. The arrival of Autumn. And that moon, oh, the Harvest Moon! Time for a cuppa’ apple spice tea and my favorite decorating magazines. But most of all…it’s time for my birthday!

Time for baking. Can you smell it now? My favorite birthday cake: Pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. Won’t you join me for a slice of birthday cake that tastes just like my favorite time of year?

Thank you to our hostess, Melissa from The Inspired Room for hosting the third annual Fall Nesting Party!

Happy September!

Victoria Lynn

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meet The Girls!

Happy Show and Tell Friday! My thanks to Cindy @ My Romantic Home for hosting Show and Tell Friday.

This week I would like to share some special members of my household. I don't remember when it started, but I have always loved animals. Perhaps it has something to do with all the time spent on my Grandpa's farm. There were always kittens, chickens, horses, dogs, and of course cows. Have you ever ridden bareback on a cow? I don't recommend it, they're very bony!

And now for the introductions:

First is Abby, the Abyssinian. (Please don't tell her she's not a purebred because she's got the attitude!) Abby is the eldest at eight years. Abby is very smart, clever and tiny. The eternal kitten.Next is Frederica Jane. She is the shy girl, always hiding when we have guests. She is also our most valuable kitty. We found out she is a snow marbled bengal. I love her blue eyes and her fur feels like a bunny! Frederica loves to eat.
And then there's Jasmine, or Jazzy. She's the youngest and is quite full of it. I have always loved black kitties. She acts more like a dog. Did I mention she is HUGE? She can even stand on her back feet and walk a few steps. Maybe she'll be famous one day on You Tube. Jazz is best friends with...

Sophie, our miniature dachshund. Sophie is a pretty girl, her coloring is officially called "sable". She's my best friend. She adores me and follows me everywhere. Her favorite things are taking a walk through the neighborhood and playing with her BFF, Jazz.

Each of our kitties were adopted from the Humane Society. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND adopting there, we have always gotten THE BEST kitties from them! Thank you for letting me share the "other" members of my family!

Victoria Lynn