Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Special Visit

My newly planted roses are starting to bloom. I took this shot of Queen Elizabeth, my favorite rose in my garden. I planted three of them. I don't have many roses blooming yet, so I savor every bloom! My mom was here recently. She visited for 5 weeks! We had so much fun. She had never been to the South before. Here are pictures of our cruise on the General Jackson. It's a paddle wheel river boat. It was a three hour cruise with lunch and a show. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Nashville.
Sweet Rachel with her Nana, Rose Mary.
And me with my mum!
Time flew by, we did so many fun things. I will try to post some more pics of our time together. Have a blessed week! I'm working on making some more flower beds in my back yard before the weather gets too hot!
Love and hugs,
Victoria Lynn

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Garden Update, May 14th

Welcome, dear friend! Please come in... A touch of Spring on the deck...
My new awning, a new place for my fountain, and daylilies, not quite in bloom...

Before photo of the bed beside my stairs (UHG!!)...
And after! Boxwoods and roses all the way, baby!!
A close up of the Jackson & Perkins rose from Diana...
Before photo of the corner garden. Still digging up the sod in this pic!
And after! Three Queen Elizabeth roses and the clematis is just starting to climb the trellis. Next to the downspout is a canna. It is just coming up. I'll have to take another picture later in the season.
A makeover for the wire planter that used to hang under my old garage window by the hot tub. Much improved, wouldn't you say?
These are a couple of things I picked up while my mom was here. They came from our favorite store, Harmony Home. It's a babytear topiary and cast iron birdie.
And last, but not least, a shot of a very happy birthday girl! She loves her new pink kitty named "Goldie"!
Have a blessed weekend! Miss you every day!
Love and hugs,
Victoria Lynn