Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...Home!!

It’s hard to believe that next week will be one month since we rolled into Franklin! It’s been a whirlwind month, but things are finally starting to calm down. More importantly, it’s starting to feel like home. The kitties are in love with the birds that come outside their window each day. Sophie is intrigued with the nightly dance of the fireflies. The weather has been really hot here, in the nineties every day! It’s taking this Washington girl a bit of time to get used to the heat. This morning I was mowing the lawn and it was 90 degrees out! Does that count as double points for a workout?! Here are a few photos of some areas that are starting to look like home…

This is my only true antique, my childhood dresser. It’s been in my family since it was made, around 1860. Donna “made” me buy the candelabra when she was here, doesn’t it look fabulous?!

A blessing for all who enter…and china, of course!

My favorite red velvet chair! Donna has the twin to this in her parlor. I think she’s going to paint hers white too.

I traded for this table when I had my shop…it looks great with that huge apothecary jar…just waiting for the cats to knock over!

Donna helped arrange this wall in my dining room when she was here! And she gave me that sweet iron bird plaque. Thank you, Donna!

Another arrangement by Donna, when I woke up one morning…tada! There it was, just like I had been visited by some decorating faeries! My collection of amber depression glass. I didn’t really like it that much before, but I think it looks great now!

A closer look. That cute little topiary ball came from a shop here in Franklin called Harmony Home. It was only $1.95!

My precious little Sophie napping in her new home…

Now I need to get back to work! God bless, Victoria Lynn


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Your red velvet chair is MY favorite too! Eveything looks wonderful!

M ^..^

Joyce on her Justified Journey said...

What a beautiful home! Good luck to you! Nashville is a great place! Enjoy!!!!!

Donna Lynn said...

Wow!!! You posted, YEA!!!! It was fun seeing your house from the blog viewpoint, it looks really great, I love the ferns you put in the white wicker plant stand, oh those Franklin ferns! And the bunting, and the stores, and the fireflies, and the heat...Oh my I better stop before I get on a plane and fly back, my hubby and kids would not be amused!!!

I worked all day today on the barn, I got up on the roof and did chalked the dormers, so I can paint them tomorrow! I want to see the dramatic before and after difference...
Take care and I will call you tomorrow!

Diana Lyn said...

Hello My sweet Friend, How lovely your home looks, You have really settled in, Has it really been a month! No Way! Sophie looks so comfy! I am so prooud of you and the coragious step you took to move to franklin! i admire you Victoria! Please keep in touch ! Big hugs to you and Rahel and the Babies! hugs ~ Diana Lyn

Rosy said...

It's great to see you've settled in a bit more, fantastic work already on making your house a home, I enjoyed reading this post. Lovely candlelabra Donna made you buy, it finishes the antique so well.

Deb said...

Hi Victoria Lynn
I've been reading you blog, and I admire you moving such a great distance and starting over. You new home looks beautiful. I am looking forward to a blogging friendship, your newsy blogs and decorating ideas. I am a new blogger and am trying to get a handle on this blogging business. Maybe you could stop by my blog in progress and visit. Warmly, Deb my blog is Garage Sale Gal. I have a hard time leaving comments. Sometimes it doesn't leave my name and blog. I just keep trying. SMILE.

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Your home looks beautiful!
I also made a big move from California Girl to Jersey Girl.
it was so hard at first but now its home. there are beautiful people and places everywhere home is where you make it.

Cottage Way of Life said...

Everything looks great! You must post more pictures of your new town! I think it's kind of exciting, and I feel like I am on vacation through your eyes even though it's your new home. :)
Have a great weekend!!


Rachel said...

I do love our new home. But you forgot to post the pictures that Jasmine kept wandering into. She wants everyone to know that she's happy and safe and quite proud of her new home. ;~)

Better stop posting comments on your blog now so we can go shop in Franklin!


Nermal and Kitty said...

Hi, Victoria, it's lookin' great! You are one fast lady with the decorating. You & Donna did a terrific job. Love that white sofa table. Kitty & I will meet you Monday-can't wait to talk some more. Luv, Nerm

Daisys Little Cottage said...

O Victoria ! It's looking gorgeous ! I really like your style.

Anonymous said...

Oh Victoria, everything is looking wonderful. It's like playing house when we were little girls. You have been really busy. I have missed you. How's Rachel?


Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

LOVE your foyer!!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Victoria!
Your new house is looking like a home! I'm so happy you are getting settled in your new place. Hope you enjoy Nashville!!
Hugs, Sherry

Joy said...

What a nice new place you have and your dog is so cute napping here.