Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Red Cellphone of doom!!

I have a love/hate relationship with my cellphone. It's pretty. And red metallic. Very sparkly and shiny. But sometimes it does wierd things which I have no control over. Like randomly dialing people on my recently called list. Really, it can be embarrassing. I mean, how DO you explain to people, "Oh sorry, my phone just wrongly called your number all by itself"!

Last night Rachel came into my room and started laughing, "Mom, why is your cellphone on the floor in the corner"? I told her I hate my cellphone! It is my red cellphone of doom!

Let me explain...we put our house up for sale two months ago. And since we have a house with three cats and a dachschund, well, we have "house showings" down to a science! We have a drill. When the phone rings...Round up the cats (sometimes cat herding by a small dachschund is NOT helpful!), load them in the car, make sure the house is perfect and then leave for an hour or so...our Starbucks drive-thru baristas know all our cats and Sophie personally! The problem with my cellphone is it is the only number that is called when an agent wants to make an appt. for a showing. My phone normally is on my bedside table at night, but after two months of being awakened at all hours by my cellphone...well you understand why I hate my cellphone and it was banished to the floor in the corner!

We're hoping the house will sell very soon...after all, we HAVE put up with two months of the scaring ringing red cellphone of doom!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Victoria, I feel for you. Having your home on the market is so so stressful!! Hopefully it will sell soon and you can be on your way. Have a blessed day sweets!


Cottage Way of Life said...

Hello Victoria,
I found you through LeAnn's blog, and I recognized your photo because you are on our myspace page. :)

My husband use to have a phone like yours, but instead of calling numbers it would play music or ask what command you wanted to do. It was freaky!

Hope you sell your house soon.


Shabbyfufu said... need a flip phone like the Razor! I had the same thing happen with mine, inside of my purse...but now with the Razor it'd impossible. Hope that you sell your house soon, it's dismal here in Florida for home sales.

Please email me at I can't find your email addy and wanted to inquire about what you mentioned. ~Janet~

Joy said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. It was so nice of you to leave a comment. I wish you luck with selling your home---and with your cell phone!

Charmingdesigns said...

My cell phone goes into vibrate mode whenever it feels like it..I havent been able to figure that one out!I like the idea of the red one..then maybe I wouldnt misplace it! Hard to find when I call it to find it, and it is just sitting somewhere vibrating lol. Laurie

Ronda said...

Laughing out loud! I feel your pet pain! Until a couple years ago we were buying/restoring/selling old houses regularly, and with always four or five cats in residence, we quickly learned that same drill. Hope your house sells soon -- all those frantic pets, not to mention all that Starbucks caffeine -- is not good for one's serenity! Good luck with your Etsy shop -- I love the 'vibe' there! Thanks for stopping by -- I'm adding you to my fave places to visit.