Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful!!

Well, here it is the end of March and Old Man Winter is rearing his ugly head here in the Pacific NW! We woke up to snow this morning. I must say it does look pretty in my gardens though... Maybe next week it will be Spring! Enjoy your weekend no matter what your weather is like!


Donna Lynn said...

What is wrong with this picture, it is May 28th, oh it's the SNOW!
I want it to be warm now! I want to garden! I want to not wear a coat! I want to have my windows open! Please God! AMEN
Love you BFF,
Donna Lynn

Cottage Way of Life said...

I'm a girl who doesn't like the cold, but I will say that snow is pretty. It looks like powder sugar in your garden! ;)
We are suppose to get some rain in the next couple days, but other than that it has been nice here.

Thanks for the comment!! We love getting them! :D

Have a great Saturday!!


Shabbyfufu said...

How crazy is that! We are having the last of our good weather in Florida, before it's time to close up the house for six months of a/c.....

Enjoy your weekend! ~Janet~

Anonymous said...

Hey at least you can see your daylilies, no popping up here yet. Have a wonderful weekend Victoria.

LeAnn :)

P.S. When do you move??

Tracie said...

Oh, I'm sure it's so cold - but the pictures are lovely. The heather is beautiful.

Enjoy your weekend, frozen bird bath and all - stay cozy!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Victoria,
Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a very pretty sewing room !! I wish I had a room like that one. I have to haul the Bernina out to the kitchen tale all the time!! Ya I know what you mean about the pattern sizing. I took sewing class in college,and the teacher showed us how to pick the right size and not pay attention the size you wear off the rack,because they are not the same. Like the blouse I posted farther down on my daughters blouse I made. She normally wears a 4 or 6 and that blouse is a 12 size in the pattern. It is real funny to see vintage patterns and how small they are!! I'm horrible at fittings, but I making more of an attempt. I usually love to make clothing for children and my teenage daughter instead of me. I love to make garments though it is so rewarding. I've been sewing for 30 years!!