Sunday, August 31, 2008

And now, it feels like home!!

When I moved in three months ago I was greeted by a white front door. I knew that had to change…it just didn’t feel like home. The only problem was, it was blazing hot outside, and I would need to leave the door open while painting (not to mention corralling three cats to keep them inside). Well it finally cooled down into the 80’s one day this past week and I was able to change the door from this…

To this!! I LOVE RED!!!

Now it feels like home! Happy Labor Day, Y’all!


Victoria Lynn


Rosy said...

It feels like home coz it's got your signature on it now that you've changed it to the colour you love. You've done a great job! Thanks for your lovely comments in my blog, I love hearing from you.Now I've gotta go back and catch up on your older posts.

Debbie Kay said...


I absolutely love your red door. I certainly liked the white but the red has put your signature on your home.....WOW, so very beautiful....just like you!

Love ya,

Debbie Kay

TattingChic said...

Very nice! That red door is very haute!


It's gorgeous in red and so welcoming!! Have a very lovely day!


Rachel said...

Gotta love the fact that we're not one of the three people in the neighborhood with a white door anymore. ;~) Love the door, even if Frederica tried to make her grand escape whilst you were painting.

And it looks great from the street, too. hehehe

Rach :~)

Joyce said...

What a difference! I love the red door. It looks so beautiful with the brick. it is a very welcoming entrance. You did a great job!!

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

It looks really great. I wish I could change my front door. But my HOA won't let you, they feel it doesn't go with the color scheme, baaa to them.



Hi Victoria Lynn
The red door is just perfect with the brick and I'm happy for you that it's feeling more like home for you :)
Warmly, Deb

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

That's beautiful! It really changes the whole look. The red is so warm and welcoming!


Donna Lynn said...

Hi There BFF,
I love how your door turned out, much better then plain old white! I couldn't believe how many painted doors you had in your neighborhood, I love that people are into painting their doors vibrant colors! We need more of that up here, but it may not happen because all the cool people are in the South!!!

We have had quite a weekend here, today I spent the day cleaning out the shed and pulling down the loft to make it bigger, in between that I got my benches painted and now ready to go with pumpkins! YEA!!!

I will call you tomorrow in the AM and we can catch up on all the happenings of the past two days!
Donna Lynn

Candy said...

Thanks for the recent comment on my blog :) :) I so appreciate that!
Your red door is very cute!!!!

Candy :)

CIELO said...

Oh, Victoria, I love how your entrance door looks now... perfect color. I've always wanted a red door on the front entrance.... maybe one day! :).... Oh, I'm sure your new lovely home have lots of beautiful windows to show, so I'm hoping you can participate in our "Window Party" this Friday! :) Send in your pics...


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Love your new red door - Beautiful entry! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Nermal and Kitty said...

I'm with you, sister! My front door is red too! Now there's no doubt where to entrance is. You did such a great job. You are really a DIY dynamo! See ya soon. Nerm

Rue said...

Good morning Victoria Lynn :)

Your new front door is gorgeous! I love the red too :)


My Maine Cottage said...

Wow! The red door looks great, its a huge improvement, what a good choice of colors!


Shabbyfufu said...

Hi Victoria Lynn, thanks for your sweet comment and keeping me in your thoughts:-). Your blog is so pretty~I love the new design! The red door looks so welcoming....XOXO~ Janet

A Romantic Porch said...

OH that is so beautiful. I'm glad you got to paint it finally. xo rachel
P.S. I love your blog header.

Pink Slippers said...

It looks so good!!!Where I live everyone has a plain old door. When I went to the east coast, it was so neat to see different doors and different shutters. Not always matching in color but gorgeous in looks. Wendy

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Victoria, you have inspired me to paint mine, I have wanted to for some time. My house is in brick red so I need to go for it.

Anonymous said...

I agree, much better.