Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pink Saturday!!

It’s Pink Saturday, and today I’m sharing some pics of my favorite pink quilt. I made this quilt to sell on Etsy (please excuse all the goofy white writing on the pictures), it never sold, so I got to keep it!! I machine pieced it and then hand quilted it. I LOVE making quilts! I almost always have one I’m working on…I find it truly relaxing and satisfying to quilt. I have been quilting since around 1983. My three kitties love all the quilts…hmmm…I may have to do a future post of them on the quilts! I wish everyone a blessed weekend! Victoria Lynn


Donna Lynn said...

I love this quilt sooooo much, and PINK HELLO! PERFECT COLOR FOR ANY OCCASION!!!

Your BFF forever!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Beautiful quilt! The colors would fit right in with my home, lol.

I love your post following this one showing all the pink details from your daughters room. That lamp with the feather boa is just precious and I covet that Eiffel Tower lamp and shade! I bet you did that terrific quilt at the end of your daughter's bed too! Lovely!



Hi Victoria Lynn,
I think your quilt is just beautiful and I'm surprised that it didn't sell...I hope you have a nice weekend. I could join the Lynn club..I'm Debra Lynn :)
Warmly, Deb :)

Joyce on her Justified Journey said...

I just love your quilt! It is beautiful and I would've been very happy that it didn't sell if it was me!! I've never tried quilting but so many say it's the best thing they've ever done. It just seems so monumental to me and I would be afraid I'd never finish one. I really don't even know much about it, but you intrigued me with the machine pieced and hand quilted. Mmmm. Must think about this more.

What's the Lynn club? I am Joyce Lynn and my daughter is Rachel Lynn. Lynn is a wonderful name!!

Enjoyed reading your blog! I'll be back to visit again!!

Pink Slippers said...

I cannot believe it didn't sell. I think it's adorble. I wish I could quilt. When I go to the fabric store I just love the quilting squares they sell. Happy Pink Saturday.

Joanne Kennedy said...

I can't believe no one purchased this beautiful quilt. I would be so happy if it were mine and they didn't buy it. It's to pretty to part with.

Wow! Hand quilting! Don't see that everyday. Talk about lucky cats!


Jan and Tom's Place said...

What a lovely quilt!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments about the hook...



That's a beautiful quilt!!! Lovely work too!


SherryRoseBella said...

You pink quilt is soooo gorgeous!