Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hopeful Friday - This Land That I Love...

On this Hopeful Friday I want to thank God that I live in this country. I know we are all going through this troubling time right now. But I am so thankful I live in a country where we can chose. Where we have a right to vote and make our opinions count. So I urge each of you to use that personal freedom on November 4th...please get out and vote!!

I just wanted to share that one of my new found freedoms is being able to show my support of my ex would have never allowed me to do woo-hooo!! I'm exercising newfound personal freedom! (PS: I know that not everyone who reads this will agree with my choice of candidates, but the point is I AM FREE NOW!!)

This one's in my front yard...

And this one's on my car...

May God bless each one of you and may you find freedom in each day!


Victoria Lynn

Thanks to Cielo at The House In The Roses for hosting Hopeful Friday!


TattingChic said...

Yup, it is important to vote, thanks for the reminder. :)

Glenda said...

I don't care what choice others make or indorse.
Whoever you vote for is a right and that's how I think about it.

So, I am not offended by anyones display.


CIELO said...

Happy Hopeful Friday, and blessings to you and yours my sweet friend....


Carrie said...

Yes,thank God for the freedoms we enjoy in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am thankful to have freedom....We are Blessed in America. We have a freedom of our opinion. I am thankful we have freedom to worship and serve God...AMEN...Praise the Lord...Love your sign... They got my vote...We do need to pray....To pray what in God Will to happen... You have a blessed Hopeful Friday...Katherinellen

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

The great thing about this country is that we can choose our own candidates....I am so happy for you that you have the freedom now to voice your opinion!

jeanne said...

You go girl. We are free to make choices in our lives and for our political preferences. When we are in a relationship that we are not free, it is time for a change. I can feel the happiness in your text. I can see that you are very hopeful and I do agree with your choice for president. Go McCain and Palin.

Virginia said...

Yes, To vote is a privilege that so many take for granted.
I thank God that we leave in a country with so many freedom of choice and religion.
God Bless, Virginia

Anonymous said...

I am also very happy to live in our wonderful country and I hope I never take it for granted. Happy Hopeful Friday!

rosechicfriends said...

Hey Sweet Victoria!
Thanks for stopping by my blog this past week.

So glad you have your newfound personal freedom and I know you are loving every minute of it! GOD is good. I too am so thankful for the country we live, all our choices and freedoms that many have fought the right to give us.

Hopefully many won't loose sight of that and like you said get out and vote!

God bless ya...Lorena

Ginger said...

Hi Victoria Lynn:
I say "Ditto" to everything you said. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. The tough times will pass.
I like Sarah Palin. She's been pounded in the press lately but she handles it with class.
I don't get offended by anyone's opinion or choices, I'm just glad we have the right to show it.
Have a great weekend.


Wonderful Victoria!! Good for you to be truly free!

Love and blessings,

Rachel said...

Gotta love that freedom...and thanks for encouraging people to vote! ;~) At least we got to vote already!


Nermal and Kitty said...

We are so spoiled here in America with all our freedoms, but we need to remember how many sacrificed for our freedoms. It's wonderful that you sound so happy-glad for your personal freedom. Luv, Nerm

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Funny conincidence....I have the exact same signs in my yard and on my car !!!!

Candy said...

Dear Victoria Lynn,
Thank you so much for the comments you left for me recently. I am just getting a chance to get back to everyone. I so appreciate your thoughts and prayers. It has been extremely tough and surreal, the things we have been dealing with but I know one day it will get easier..

Regarding this post, I am happy to see that you are voting for McCain/Palin. Here in Canada, most people I talk to all agree that he is the best choice out of the 2 of them. But then again we would vote Republican anyway since we are strong conservatives here :)
I wish more people in the States knew though how much the majority here are pulling for McCain to win. Because if Obama wins, it will be bad for Canada just like it will be for the States and we really dont want to see that happen.


Shabby Addict said...

Well said! Thanks for reminding us all! I think there are many who needed that message!

Joyce said...

You must feel like a new person. It's nice how you are realizing all the things you are free and able to do now that you are your own woman. Enjoy every minute of it because that's how it is supposed to be!!!

CIELO said...

Good morning Victoria! I have something for you on my blog.... come get it! :)