Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trick or Treat!?

It's time for tricks or treats!
Let's see what tricks Jasmine has been up see, she's a black cat, and it's her favorite time of year! My BFF, Donna Lynn, was tricky the other day. She mailed me a surprise "care" package! Jasmine was very pleased with her choice of presents!Let's follow Jasmine to see what she's up to... (she's sporting her seasonal bow)
Nope, not there... Here? Nope, not here either...
AHA!! So this is what my people were fussing over all evening...strange, I'm not sure why? What ARE these all about?! They smell funny. Oh my! This one looks like ME! (Courtesy of Rachel's carving skills) Did someone say treats?! Where are they? Oh, oh! Sorry Jasmine, I think by the size of Frederica's belly, that she already ate all the treats!
A Happy and safe Halloween to all!
Victoria Lynn


TattingChic said...

Jasmine is such a stylish and knowledgeable tour guide. She did a fabulous job! Your autumn decor is so cute and pretty and your kitties are adorable! Thanks for the fabulous fall photos!

Rachel said...

Jasmine's been quite the busy cat, from playing football during the Monday Night Football game with the Titans to "helping" during pumpkin carving tonight! Let's hope the seasonal bow is still around in the morning...

(And poor Frederica. She needs to lay off the treats... ;~))

Rachel :~)

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Oh Jasmine reminds me of our Cole that is no longer with us. He was huge. Love all your autumn decor.

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

We (me and all my cats!) LOVE this post! My cats are a bit appalled that Jasmine would let you put a bow on her, but they understand how it works -- frou-frou for food.

Your house looks gorgeous as always!


Hi Victoria,
I see your kitties enjoy themselves and your dining table.If you want, the friendship gift is for you. Thank you for praying for my husband.That means a lot to me:)

Ginger said...

Hi Victoria:
What a cute post you did. I love seeing the cats. I had a black cat years ago that looked like Jasmine. We named her Spookie. And what a gorgeous cat Frederica is. She looks pretty content.
That was sweet of Donna Lynn to think of sending you a surprise package. Love the towel with the black cat on it.
Happy Halloween....

Glenda said...

Hi Victoria

What sweet looking kitties you have.

Rachel did a wonderful job on the pumpkins.

Happy Halloween !!