Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's Up With My Lights?!!

After packing and moving everything across country this past summer, I am unpacking my Christmas decorations. I really don't know what's up, but we seemed to have a ton of lights that no longer work!! ARGH!! Talk about frustrating! Oh well, enough venting! Abby is still very interested in helping with the decorations. She decided that garland makes a very cool hiding place! Rachel helped this past weekend with the outdoor lights, and I just finished the front entry.
I got this HUGE wreath at Big Lots! for $22, then I set to work embellishing it with more pinecones, hydrangea, roses, berries, pears and a big red bow.
These darling topiaries are from Home Depot. I had my eye on them for awhile, and when they recently went on sale for $55, I snapped them up! For that price, you couldn't make them! And they even came with the lights already on. Yay, no lights to mess with!
The garland around the door is the one Abby was hiding in. I had to put new lights on it and then I hot-glued pinecones and finished with another red bow.
Tomorrow...the tree!! It's been cold here in Tennessee, with snow flurries yesterday. It was so pretty. Today it's sunny and tomorrow it's going to be near 60 degrees. Maybe I can get those wreaths hung on my outside windows...
How is everyone doing on their decorating? I think I'll go have a peppermint mocha and put my feet up!
Victoria Lynn



Hi Victoria Lynn,
Your front door says "Welcome"..it's very nice, as always:) Abby looks so sweet in the garland and in the box:) Cute photos. Your Thanksgiving table was very nice. Can't wait to see your TREE.
Like your new banner also.
Christmas JOY to You.

Anonymous said...

Your red door looks so festive, I love the topiaries and the wreath was a great find at Big Lots. I was thinking maybe you should have strung lights on Abby....LOL!

P.S. How is Donna Lynn doing??

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Victoria, Your decorations are beautiful. Love the entry. I'll be back to see more.

Nermal and Kitty said...

You are so far ahead of me! Yikes.
Love your front door decor. Looks great. The cat picture should be entered in a contest. I laughed out loud & showed my husband. Cats are the greatest! Can't wait to see the tree. Nerm

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love the front door. It say to me Come in it is Christmas!!!

TattingChic said...

Oh, that kitty pic is so funny it made me chuckle! I love it, thank you for sharing that! Your Christmas decorations are fantastic and would expect anything less coming from you? No, I wouldn't not from what I've seen on your blog!

Sue said...

Love your entry way decorations ....
aren't cats always just too funny , that's a great shot you got of yours trying to help . :o) Sue

Ginger said...

Hi Victoria....your decorations are all so pretty. I love the Big Lot wreath, great price too.
Abby looks adorable hiding in the garland.
I hate messing with Christmas lights that don't work. I got to where I will just go buy new ones rather than get so stressed out with the messed up ones. Don't have the patience, I guess.
Your red door looks perfect.

Glenda said...

Hi Vicki

I've got to get going on mine. I am a lay butt and I can't stand myself sometimes.

I'll probably get out this weekend and shop around for goodies.


Michelle said...

What a welcoming entry! You've done a very lovely job :)


@aol.comHi Victoria,
Your front entry looks just absolutely beautiful. I'll be back soon to see your tree!

Love and blessings,

Diana Lyn said...

What a beautiful door Victoria! Diana


I just stopped by to wish you a happy and joyful day!

Love and blessings,